We are a new-age fractional real estate investment platform powered by technology, in-depth research, and extensive on-the-ground experience. Our goal is to make real estate investing more accessible, lucrative, and transparent than ever before.

The idea for Strata came from the personal experiences of our founders Sudarshan and Priyanka. Their careers in the commercial real estate industry showed them that most investors in India make poor bets in the real estate space, either because they are inexperienced, lack data or they simply do not have the capital needed to invest in prime properties.


While HNIs and Private Equity firms make over 15% returns on their property investments, the average investor is stuck in the residential space where returns rarely cross 4%. Another pain-point they noticed was the lack of liquidity. It can take months or even a couple of years to sell a property, locking up money that could have been invested elsewhere.

The solution they came up with is three-pronged.

First, reduce the high capital requirement. Strata does this by breaking up the ownership of large properties into more easily investable portions or 'fractions'. Not only does this make commercial real estate more accessible, but it also means that an investor can diversify their investments across multiple properties, thus reducing their risk.

Second, bring in the expertise. Finding the right commercial property to invest in takes time, resources, and ample expertise. Our team scours hundreds of properties and measures over dozen of different parameters before zeroing in on one that has the best combination of yield, stability, and value appreciation.

Third, improve liquidity. Thanks to the easily transferable nature of the fractions, Strata brings liquidity to an otherwise rigid marketplace. Investors can list their fraction on our resale market or sell their holdings offline through a personal network.


Sudarshan Lodha

Sudarshan has over 8 years of experience in real estate and private equity law and has worked with the largest offices in India on several major cases related to the real estate industry. He was closely involved in several private equity and venture capital transactions in India and has represented over $1.4 billion in investments.


Priyanka Rathore

Priyanka has over 7 years of experience in financial planning and analysis with D.E. Shaw and WeWork. At WeWork, she was the lead real estate analyst and played a vital role in analyzing WeWork's financial models for all their locations in India. In a little over one year, she sourced over 50 locations for the coworking giant.


We are a young company but we have big ambitions! Over the next few years we plan on adding more diverse investment opportunities to our platform and will continue to work on making the best possible return for our investors. Are you in for the ride?

We are changing the way a centuries-old industry works. If that doesn't excite you we don't know what will! We are on the lookout for developers, relationship managers, marketers, and real estate specialists. If you are someone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty and is in it for the long run, drop us a message at [email protected]