Fractional Investments in
Commercial Real Estate

The better way to invest in real estate! Invest in fractions of premium commercial properties and earn a monthly rental yield & build longterm wealth.

Regular Rental Income
Long-term Capital Appreciation
Stable Asset Class
Diversified Portfolio
Is Strata?

We are a fractional investment platform that helps you own a piece of high-end commercial properties across India. For as little as Rs. 20 lakhs, you can invest in a stable and lucrative asset class that was previously only available to the ultra-rich.

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With Strata, investing in commercial properties has never been easier! Simply signup on our platform and invest in any of our current opportunities. Check our resale market to invest in fractions from past opportunities.

Once a property is fully funded, you receive shares of the holding company and start earning a monthly income. At the same time, your investment appreciates in value. The best part? You can sell your fraction as early as six months after investing.

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Strata - How it works
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Strata - How it works
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Strata - How it works
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Strata - How it works
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Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) in India is a multi-billion dollar market that grows larger with each passing year. Unlike the volatile stock market, CRE is a reliable generator of both passive income and long-term wealth. Commercial properties also have an edge over the residential market, the yields in CRE are easily 3x of what investors make from residential properties.

Therefore, the annual returns on a commercial property easily cross double digits and remain stable in most market conditions. In contrast, the average yield on a residential property is about 3-4%.

CRE should be in everyone's portfolio. The data speaks for itself


We are a data-driven, quality-focused company that uses the latest in real estate analytics to find the best opportunities for our investors. With our fractional ownership model and end to end services, Strata is your ideal investment partner.

Its time your investments go beyond FDs, Stocks, and Mutual Funds!

  • Vetted Properties

    Our team of analysts and experts scrutinize every property to ensure that all the due diligence is in place for a sound investment with high yields & capital growth.

  • Hassle-free investment

    We handle the complete life-cycle of the property, from asset management to rent disbursal and eventual sale.

  • Diversified holdings

    With fractional ownership, you can diversify your investments across multiple properties across the country, reducing risk.

  • Enhanced Liquidity

    Unlike normal real estate holdings, investors on our platform have the option to liquidate their assets on our resale market or offline.


Strata is backed by two global venture capitalists - SAIF Partners and Mayfield Ventures. We are associated with WeWork Labs and work closely with Propstack, India's leading real estate technology platform.